Daggett Solar

A new source of clean, sustainable energy from San Bernardino County.

Daggett Solar is a 482 MW of solar power paired with 394 MW of storage. With this, Daggett Solar would be among the largest solar and battery storage projects built in California.

Project Location

The project will be located in the desert region of San Bernardino County, four miles east of the town of Daggett.

It will be built near the former coal and gas-fired power plant, Coolwater Generating Station. With this, it can leverage pre-existing infrastructure and repurpose existing high-voltage substations and transmission lines, marking an exciting transition from fossil fuel facilities to a renewable energy project.

Water Preservation

Daggett Solar will be largely located on previously-disturbed agricultural land.

This ensures sustainable, low-impact land use. Unlike other forms of agriculture, solar does not disturb the soil or land on an ongoing basis, which maintains it for future use. Because solar does not require water to generate power, it contributes to water preservation, further protecting the surrounding environment.

Project Phases

Daggett Solar will be built in three phases:

The project will be built in three phases. The first two phases consist of solar and storage and the last phase consists of just storage. The first phase commenced construction in the fall of 2021 and will be complete in summer of 2023. The second phase commenced construction in Q2 of 2022 will be complete in winter of 2023. The third phase will be constructed at a future time.

A Community-Enhancing Opportunity

From generating tax revenue to creating new job opportunities, Daggett Solar will bring major economic benefits to San Bernardino County. During construction, the project will generate $210 million in local spending and pay the county up to $10.9 million in Sales and Use Taxes. During operations, the project will generate $5 million in spending annually. Once complete, Daggett Solar will drive up to $18.5 million in tax revenue to support local schools, hospitals, and infrastructure.

In terms of the local workforce, Daggett Solar will create more than 500 union labor jobs in partnership with I.B.E.W. Labor Union 477. The site will also sustain at least a dozen permanent onsite roles for project operation, maintenance, and management.

To ensure the safety of the Daggett Solar team and the community at large, thorough safety measures will be implemented at each step of the project. Since solar has just a few moving parts – and no emissions or engines – it will be a quiet, clean neighbor. Additionally, we will adhere to stringent conditions for dust mitigation during construction and opportunities. From start to finish, the project will be staffed and secured by operational and safety professionals.