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A trailblazer state in solar energy development.

California is leading the way in clean energy investment. The state has been a longtime champion of solar energy because of its many economic and environmental benefits. In 2020, California ranked 1st in solar installations. Now, it has the largest solar market in the U.S. and sources more than 20% of its electricity from solar energy.

The future of solar looks bright in California. With an estimated 21,444 MW installed over the next 5 years, California ranks 2nd in projected growth. The state has set goals for 60% renewables by 2030, and 100% carbon free by 2050.

Daggett Solar will play a meaningful role in California’s decarbonization. The project will produce enough electricity to power 200,000 homes annually and offset 1,071,020 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually – equal to removing 231,387 cars from the road each year.

Daggett Solar’s storage component is helping to put California on the forefront of the solar and storage movement. By 2024, the battery storage industry is expected to exceed $3 billion in investment each year. Energy storage is a proven source of reliable, affordable clean energy that works to collect energy from the local grid or adjoined generators and stores it until the energy is ready to supply the grid. It ensures grid reliability and the ability to provide grid relief during peak hours – providing a reliable, efficient solution to intermittency. With a planned 394 MW of storage, Daggett Solar will help create a stronger, more resilient grid.


Daggett Solar

The future is bright for San Bernardino County.
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